We use glass fiber reinforced concrete as we prefer the aesthetics of traditional aggregate-based concrete combined with the modern science of high strength fiber-reinforced concrete. This blend of materials enhances the strength of our concrete while providing the depth of texture and colour that our customers love.


 Typical Characteristics may include:


Bug Holes

Due to the nature of the casting process, air trapped within the concrete can sometimes cause small holes to form on the surface. These can vary in size and number which adds to the unique texture ad aesthetic of concrete. We aim to "slurry fill" as many of these small holes as possible, however they may still continue to appear over time as the concrete continues to cure.


Surface Colour Variation

Concrete will never be a monotone block colour due to the number of variable materials from which it is made. Variables such as humidity, temperature and moisture content can all affect the surface appearance. The variations in tone and texture create a unique patina that is integral to the quality of concrete.


Exposed Aggregates

Our solid cast concrete products are manufactured using a traditional mix of aggregates, sand and cement. In some cases the aggregates may be visible within the surface of the concrete which is part of the unique, natural texture.


Textural Flow Lines

The liquid state of concrete when it is being cast means that textural flow lines can sometimes be visible on the surface of the concrete. This tends to be more visible when casting curved or tall vertical surfaces and is another typical characteristic of concrete.



Small, fine, hairline cracks on the surface of concrete are very common within the lifelong curing process and do not impact the structural quality or performance of the basin. They can also appear darker when wet. If you are concerned about the placement or size of any cracks please do get in touch.


Please Note: Products may look slightly different to those featured in marketing imagery as every item is completely unique. Colour and texture variations are part of the natural characteristics of concrete and have no bearing on the structural integrity of the product nor should they be deemed as defects within the material, design or workmanship. Concrete, like any other natural stone or wood, will develop a patina over time and these characteristics may become more pronounced with age.